Artist Statement:

I have enjoyed making portraits, sketching and drawing since my elementary days. Colorful and traditional Indian village culture has always attracted my attention and summer vacation trips to meet grandparents in village, started my journey into art . Cows being an inseparable element of village culture, has attained special place in all of my art pieces. While learning the anatomy of a cow by making many sketches, we often communicated silently (me and the cow) which developed my art concept, titled ‘silent communication’ . That lead to my very first solo exhibition – ‘village culture and silent communication‘. As a beginner, selling paintings was not as joyful. That feeling steered me towards a career in graphic designing. I do believe that painting and graphic designing are two sides of a coin.

Some artists who I admire are N. S. Bendre and M. F. Hussain especially for their sketches, and impressionists like Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Claude Monet, John Constable. Currently, I get inspiration from Chip Kidd, Jonathan Barnbrook and Paula Scher. I like Kate Moross, her way of practicing graphic designing is very inspiring and gets her ideas from everyday experiences.

My designs are inspired from life experiences, observation or sometimes just by accident. I try to let things happen naturally. Each project is a reflection of my instinctive feelings, thoughts and sensitivity. I designed a logo for a community sports event, which eventually got printed on team apparels. I feel successful when my designs get promoted from visiting card to merchandise and eventually company brands. Good design is complete when it follows its briefing from the client, balanced colors and composition.